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About Varied / Hobbyist James Roseboom31/Male/United States Group :iconpoketfclub: PokeTFClub
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The Hybrid Hunter - Ch1: Ive Seen Fire... by PoKeHybridTrainer The Hybrid Hunter - Ch1: Ive Seen Fire... :iconpokehybridtrainer:PoKeHybridTrainer 0 0
Mature content
The Hybrid Hunter-Prologue: Situational Awareness :iconpokehybridtrainer:PoKeHybridTrainer 1 0
Doubt and Farming Equipment by PoKeHybridTrainer Doubt and Farming Equipment :iconpokehybridtrainer:PoKeHybridTrainer 0 3 Credit Card, Get! by PoKeHybridTrainer Credit Card, Get! :iconpokehybridtrainer:PoKeHybridTrainer 0 1 (Com) Novari, Dolphin Hybrid OC Photomanip by PoKeHybridTrainer (Com) Novari, Dolphin Hybrid OC Photomanip :iconpokehybridtrainer:PoKeHybridTrainer 3 0
(Com) PKHT: Into The Ocean (PoKeHybrid TF Story)
The legacy of a family line leaves ties that can hardly be broken apart. For it's benefit, support from those whom share your relations exist. With this, comes the downside that they'll always be in your life whether needed or not. To break these ties would take a strong motivator in order to do so.
Away from such things has Jim Boom, the PoKeHybrid Trainer, waiting at a park by the ocean. His garb is all in black from his boots, jeans, and shirt. Black hair is set short on his head, with thick eyebrows and brown eyes growing impatient. He sighs in relief at the sight of someone covering his face with a hoodie draped over his head.
Being a man with connections, Valden has to work very hard to have time that isn't set by his father. Dressed simply in jeans, brown wedge boots, and a dark green hoodie, people would ignore him. However, removing the hoodie and adjusting his dark green shirt underneath, flowing green hair runs down to his skinny rear. Hard to ignore. Over his ears, highly d
:iconpokehybridtrainer:PoKeHybridTrainer 3 1
(Com) Broken Transmission (PoKeHybrid TF Story)
The land of Houenn houses nature to be a part of everyday life. At Route 123, many trainers hone their skills to find the Berry Master upon it. Discovering the secrets to free healing items pulls quite a draw to travelers. After many years of the Master’s home being the only point of civilization in the area, the Pokémon League decided to establish a Pokémon Center of a new breed- an automated system only to heal and store Pokémon. Since the requirement of HMs means only trainers with experience can enter, it proves to be an effective spot for those seeking to plant berries from the West, and battle-worn travelers from the North whom challenged Mt. Pyre. Such a reliance on technology in recent times leaves the Center in need of an upgrade. Its upgrade will be rather apparent.
With the Fly of a Pelipper departing, an excited Aide retreats back to the Pokémon Center. Shuffling along in brown flip flops, his chubby legs move as fast as they can to return to the back room of the air
:iconpokehybridtrainer:PoKeHybridTrainer 6 0
(Commission) Draconic Porygon-Z PoKeHybrid PF by PoKeHybridTrainer (Commission) Draconic Porygon-Z PoKeHybrid PF :iconpokehybridtrainer:PoKeHybridTrainer 3 1 Website Update! 5/11/2013 by PoKeHybridTrainer
Mature content
Website Update! 5/11/2013 :iconpokehybridtrainer:PoKeHybridTrainer 1 0
PKHT Gaming Stream: Chrono Cross Session 4 Done! by PoKeHybridTrainer PKHT Gaming Stream: Chrono Cross Session 4 Done! :iconpokehybridtrainer:PoKeHybridTrainer 1 0
Mature content
PKHT: Dragonrage (Pokemon TF Story Gift to Jessie) :iconpokehybridtrainer:PoKeHybridTrainer 14 14
Mature content
Demure Doggy (Dog TF Story, Gift) :iconpokehybridtrainer:PoKeHybridTrainer 18 2
Budding - 'Saur TF Story part 1
A gloomy sky hangs overhead while a pair of gents get comfortable inside a tent. Being in a forest away from any other human interaction, doing something far from normal is easy enough. With a deep breath, myself, one of these gents, tries to get comfortable with the prospect of changing a friend of mine around.
"Hey Larry..." I say softly. "Are you sure about this? You're basically asking me if you can be my test subject... I dunno how that would be..."
With specific chemicals and potions formulated to tonics, I look at a small plastic case of vials, looking them over on my lap. Wearing street clothes underneath a white lab coat, i'm not much to sneer at. I'm just some lab technician that stole some stuff from my job at Silph Co.
"I may work with those guys, but I don't want to be as bad as them just to see this for myself."
In front of me, my friend speaks up to help alleviate my fears. "Look, Vick. I've told you enough times to stop worrying about it. If I didn't want to do this mys
:iconpokehybridtrainer:PoKeHybridTrainer 2 1
Belated Bitterness
       Life at the small Japanese town of Kudoyama is rather simplistic. At a High School, it's outdoor track and field has students doing what they can to keep fit. Normal lives going through usual patterns- rather plain to outside eyes. This day however will develop one's desire to derail any sense of normalcy.
       Masaru is far from a typical teen, having some fat covering his body. Wearing standard athletic class dark blue athletic shorts and a white t-shirt, he takes his time with cardio training to lessen his load. While on his run, he finds a girl that harasses him on a daily basis.
       Kanae prides herself in being a beautiful girl. Ruby red lips part ways to reveal a sigh. While flat-chested, her body is well-toned. Raven black hair is curled up to a bun, secured with white chopsticks and hairpins. Despite being in fitness class, she has gold loop earrings on. The same standard class wear she has, showing off her softly toned legs. With both teens seeing each other, the
:iconpokehybridtrainer:PoKeHybridTrainer 1 0
IDS- Internet Disconnection Syndrome
    Time on the internet has moved slowly for more than 14 years. The connections that I have established persist from a decade ago. Yet despite how good this may sound, a fact remains to everyone that has social links with the world wide web. Sooner or later, looking at lines, hearing someone, or sharing video can not suffice contact with someone over long distances. This paper will demonstrate a set of mind that I call Internet Disconnection Syndrome, or IDS for short.
    Back in the day, upon where the internet roamed at 56k and AOL was the ISP of choice, existed the computer user not wanting to feel like a loser. Upon finding like people in a chat room, exploring a forum for it's contents, or seeking the stuff you like on websites, a sense of belonging existed. Finding your niche was the same as finding a group of friends whom understands you.
    Let's not mince words- We're online for the sake of social activity. Otherwise, it's being used to the ut
:iconpokehybridtrainer:PoKeHybridTrainer 1 0
Website Update! 1/15/2013 by PoKeHybridTrainer Website Update! 1/15/2013 :iconpokehybridtrainer:PoKeHybridTrainer 0 0


Pokemon-Amour Hybrid - A Beautiful Trio by MostlyFunStuff Pokemon-Amour Hybrid - A Beautiful Trio :iconmostlyfunstuff:MostlyFunStuff 369 27 Dust Off 3 by everage Dust Off 3 :iconeverage:everage 11 0 V... The Bunny Girl by wtfeather
Mature content
V... The Bunny Girl :iconwtfeather:wtfeather 535 65
CnF SUPPORTING CAST: Trilby by CheshireCaterling CnF SUPPORTING CAST: Trilby :iconcheshirecaterling:CheshireCaterling 50 13 Teasy Tammy by MostlyFunStuff Teasy Tammy :iconmostlyfunstuff:MostlyFunStuff 471 11 Avatar Blake by plastic-pipes Avatar Blake :iconplastic-pipes:plastic-pipes 401 70 Mewtwo Morph by PostalRoo Mewtwo Morph :iconpostalroo:PostalRoo 1 4 Frog Tf Animation by Tail-Blazer
Mature content
Frog Tf Animation :icontail-blazer:Tail-Blazer 325 35
Spider's lair by duckieroll Spider's lair :iconduckieroll:duckieroll 273 14 Arkannes Kitty Cat by HumanimalZoo Arkannes Kitty Cat :iconhumanimalzoo:HumanimalZoo 247 40 Espeonification by StarwarsXx Espeonification :iconstarwarsxx:StarwarsXx 60 0 Protect Asgore 2kforever by dongoverlord Protect Asgore 2kforever :icondongoverlord:dongoverlord 1,182 180 *you tell asgore you don't want to fight him. by legendfromthedeep *you tell asgore you don't want to fight him. :iconlegendfromthedeep:legendfromthedeep 2,880 144 Whitneevee's Catastrophe: Page 4 (Final) by BlondeUchiha
Mature content
Whitneevee's Catastrophe: Page 4 (Final) :iconblondeuchiha:BlondeUchiha 84 18
Flareon 11 by everage Flareon 11 :iconeverage:everage 23 1 Rwby - Jaune Vs Chips by frasian Rwby - Jaune Vs Chips :iconfrasian:frasian 152 78


Been too long since commissioning something.
Happy belated birthday to me, I suppose. Bleh.
Heys. Playing on Twitch? Eh, it's fine. 

Except for the zero views. Hum.

Perhaps I should get my butt off and do some work here, so people can, I dunno, chill when gaming? At least that's the idea. What do you think?

3 stories are on deck that I can post, with a 4th depending on my motivation. 8 months, though... Man.

Well, holler. I'm very much alive.
  • Playing: XCOM2, SFV, Far Cry Primal
  • Drinking: FUZE Iced Tea


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James Roseboom
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Current Residence: NYC
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Techno, Jpop/Rock, Video Game Tunes
Favourite style of art: Photomanipulation, Transformation, Hybrids/Morphs
Operating System: Windows 7
Skin of choice: Potato Skins. Mmm. Yummy.
Personal Quote: O.o; Holy meepness on a mibbit stick!


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